Jesse Hertzberg

for Entrepreneurs




I work one-on-one with founder-CEOs committed to personal and professional growth through self exploration. Transparent self-awareness paired with operational discipline is the secret to lasting, talent-laden organizations.



I facilitate intimate monthly forums and annual retreats for founder-CEOs. These councils utilize proven methodologies in a trusting and confidential environment. Entrepreneurs discuss business challenges in a safe space, allowing them to reflect upon and share their startup journey.



I invest seed capital in early stage SaaS companies founded in New York City. I focus on founders uniquely obsessed with a pain point they encountered in their professional lives. I offer operational expertise alongside capital.



I'm an experienced entrepreneur and operating executive dedicated to scaling technology businesses. I have a twenty-year record of driving revenue, raising capital, and closing strategic transactions. My portfolio includes Squarespace, Splash, JustWorks, Simon, Etsy, and Cadre.