Finally, The Year of Livestreaming

Live video is finally having its moment. From Facebook Live to Periscope, the technology world is focused on live video because it brings us together around ideas, events, and the people that matter most to us.

My career reflects my own obsession with how technology and access connect people and ideas. Etsy gives creative entrepreneurs a marketplace to connect with customers who care about the stories behind the products they purchase. Squarespace provides anyone with an idea the simple tools they need to bring that idea to life.

I joined Livestream a year ago for the same reason: every day, we help organizations get their ideas in front of global audiences and enlarge their community using the most innovative live video technology in the industry. There is power and true connection in live experiences. Nothing beats the immediacy of the moment and the impact of a shared experience. Nothing comes close to the energy of a live event.

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European Space Agency Launch, broadcast on Livestrea

European Space Agency Launch, broadcast on Livestrea

Jesse Hertzberg