I'm Hiring

I don't believe in unicorns. 

What is it we actually do for a living? We don't sit around thinking about how to conjure up so-called unicorn companies. No. We sit around thinking about the founder's magic, how to capture it in a bottle, and how to build a product and organization that embodies it.

We believe in building long-lived companies that survive long after we are gone. Companies that can become even more successful in their second generation. Companies whose roots are deep and strong such that the company's strengths continually attract the best talent. Companies where the team is happy pursuing their life's work. Companies that enrich their customer's lives every single day. And yes, companies that generate cash. 

My grampa, great uncle, uncle, and mom are all home builders. I followed in their footsteps, but not their industry. I specialize first in foundations, the key structural element that's hidden below ground. Unless you get that right, it's impossible to build anything special on top of it. When you do, the sky is the limit.

Today I start a new job at the greatest company in the world. Come help me build and grow it.

Jesse Hertzberg