On Walking and Talking

My most productive one-on-ones don't take place in the office. They happen on the streets of Manhattan, where two miles at a brisk pace gets the blood flowing, clears the brain for creativity, and lowers defenses. On the sidewalk bullshit seems to melt away and real connections can be made. 

Walking for a meeting focuses you to get to the point quicker. Undoubtedly this is because exercise is relaxing and a change of scenery is liberating. It is far too easy for the noise of an open floor plan and the limited confines of conference rooms to start sucking the life out of you. The best part is that a walk requires you to step away from a screen and leave your phone in your pocket. 

I'm also a huge fan of the walking interview for these very same reasons. The casual and friendly nature of a walk is one of the fastest ways to get past the mutual sales mode of an interview and size someone up. 

October in New York is almost over and it's going to be chilly soon. Go take a walk while you can still enjoy it!