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Humility and Fierce Resolve

I pulled out my notes on Good to Great to find a quote or two for yesterday's blog post on self-awareness. Inevitably I found other quotes meaningful to me. They speak for themselves and since my drafts queue is full of half-finished ideas, allow me to simply share them with you below. You'll find my brief comments in italics. The title of this post refers to the two key qualities found in all of Collins' Level 5 leaders.

Management and leadership is not about those doing the managing and leading, but rather about those being managed and led.

... Level 5 leaders have ambition not for themselves but for their companies ... Level 5 leaders want to see their companies become even more successful in the next generation and are comfortable with the idea that most people won’t even know that the roots of that success trace back to them. As one Level 5 CEO said, “I want to look from my porch, see the company as one of the great companies in the world someday, and be able to say, ‘I used to work there.’ ” 

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You Deserve

You deserve to surround yourself with a team that has the right culture, one capable of moving with urgency to solve problems that create new opportunities. You deserve to be part of a team that enjoys helping each other become increasingly successful.

You deserve to work with folks with little tolerance for politics and posturing because it undermines the culture that can drive success. You deserve leaders that welcome mistakes but hate needless surprises.

You deserve the trust and freedom to speak candidly and honestly, and count on your colleagues to do the same. You deserve teammates that feel a huge obligation to hold themselves personally accountable for everything one does. Teammates that take responsibility when something goes right and when something goes wrong.

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On Walking and Talking

My most productive one-on-ones don't take place in the office. They happen on the streets of Manhattan, where two miles at a brisk pace gets the blood flowing, clears the brain for creativity, and lowers defenses. On the sidewalk bullshit seems to melt away and real connections can be made. 

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Goodbye, Squarespace

Twice in my career I've taken leave and found it difficult to return. The first time, when my son was born. The second, this past week. I was on Cape Cod for our annual holiday and felt really, truly present for my family in a way that I don't feel often enough. It also happened in Brazil when we went for the World Cup, so this has been a summer of reflection about what kind of dad I want to be and what kind of relationship I want my family to have with me.


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