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On Self-Awareness

"What is your damage, Heather?" -Veronica Sawyer

Those of a certain age <ahem> will remember this comeback from the halls of high school. The question, however, is critical. Those who achieve self-awareness likely have spent a significant portion of their lives exploring the answer.

Jim Collins discusses the role of self-awareness in leadership in his seminal book Good to Great. “Level 5 leaders [Collins' highest order] are a study in duality: modest and willful, shy and fearless.” Leaders able to project conviction yet be truly and constantly receptive to dissent and ideas from throughout the organization cannot exist without high degrees of self-awareness. 

Self-awareness is my number one predictor of future success because it essentially predetermines one’s capacity for growth. Combine self-awareness with exceedingly high levels of intellect and curiosity and – BOOM – you’ve got a winner on your hands. Add experience and the necessary winning personality to the mix and you should do all you can to prevent the candidate from walking out the door. But please don't break the law like Veronica and J.D. did.

Without knowing your damage, you may be capable of determining what makes you tick but you will be blind to what makes you react. 

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On Recruiting, Part One

We can be sure we are building a successful recruitment strategy and brand when a candidate we reject refers a candidate we hire. 

My recruiters and team members have heard me preach variations of this theme for years. I usually get a strange look the first time they hear me say it. My point is simple: if we spend our time focusing on details and dignity in the candidate experience, the payoff for all parties will be substantial. And when a recruiter closes their first successful rejected candidate referral, the lightbulb goes off and the purpose of all the work we put into recruiting becomes clear.

Recruiting is about relationships. Every candidate who applies to your company isn't just a prospective employee. They're a prospective customer. Evangelist. Source of talent. 

And never, ever judge a book by it's cover.

The basic premise is simple: treat everyone awesome. You don't know who the A+ player is before she walks in the door. And you don't know who the B- player is friends with when they walk out the door. Every candidate that works their way through your recruitment process will undoubtedly share their impressions and experiences with their friends. This will impact your brand.

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