You Deserve

You deserve to surround yourself with a team that has the right culture, one capable of moving with urgency to solve problems that create new opportunities. You deserve to be part of a team that enjoys helping each other become increasingly successful.

You deserve to work with folks with little tolerance for politics and posturing because it undermines the culture that can drive success. You deserve leaders that welcome mistakes but hate needless surprises.

You deserve the trust and freedom to speak candidly and honestly, and to count on your colleagues to do the same. You deserve teammates that feel a huge obligation to hold themselves personally accountable for everything one does. Teammates that take responsibility when something goes right and when something goes wrong.

You deserve leaders who provide creativity a nourishing environment largely free of the constraints of time and capital. In return, you deserve an org that never uses creativity to create excuses.

You understand that every penny of cost or expense of a business is paid for with customer revenue. You deserve to be compensated richly for teamwork and performance, and understand that the cost of paying an underperformer to leave is demonstrably less than the cost of keeping them around. 

You deserve a team that knows that nothing is more important to the right culture than the customer, no matter what burning fire comes up.

You deserve to be part of a team of such character.